Bernard Tomic hits back with bizarre video after Nick Kyrgios called him 'dumb' and 'irrelevant'

Bernard Tomic hits back with a VERY cutting video after Nick Kyrgios called him ‚dumb‘ and ‚irrelevant‘ – branding his rival ‚childish‘ and accusing him of throwing cheap shots

  • Tomic took to Instagram to refute Kyrgios‘ assertion he was ‚dumb‘ and ‚broke‘ 
  • He used a video of the Oscars slap with their heads edited on to make his point 
  • It’s just the latest development in the pair’s very recent and public war of words 
  • Tomic said Kyrgios actually owed him money after an incident in Atlanta 

By Kristy Williams For Daily Mail Australia

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The war of words between Aussie tennis bad boys Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios has escalated yet again, with the former blasting the latter for ‚throwing cheap shots‘ and referring to him as ‚dead broke‘ and ‚dumb‘.

Tomic took to Instagram to refute Kyrgios‘ claims in Daily Mail Australia’s story on June 3, posting a screenshot of the story’s headline with the caption ‚SERIOUSLY ….  WTF‘, as well as posting a video of his face on Will Smith’s body and Kyrgios‘ face on Chris Rock’s body, in reference to the now-infamous Oscars slap.

The posts were the latest instalment in the ongoing war of words of late between the pair, with their stoush playing out on social media.

Kyrgios called Tomic the ‚most hated athlete in Australia‘ before Tomic replied with the retort that the only reason Kyrgios continued to goad him was because ‚I’m his idol‘. 

That led to calls for a $2million match on grass to settle the debate about who’s the better player once and for all, before Tomic changed his mind, declaring they should have a boxing bout and ’sort this out as men‘.

Kyrgios rubbished both suggestions, then continued to twist the knife.

Kyrgios is preparing to play in Wimbleton later this month, and said he had more important things to think about than Tomic

‚He’s not very good anymore, he’s not relevant anymore, and he’s obviously got money issues,‘ Kyrgios told the Courier Mail.

‚For someone who actually tried to stand up for him before and tried to help him out, like my family’s helped him out before, I paid for his flights back home from Shanghai because he had no money. So for him to come out and attack is extremely disrespectful, I think.

‚When he’s challenging me for boxing matches – like first of all, I don’t know who’s going to put up $1 million for him because he’s dead broke. Second of all, I have bigger fish to fry at the moment. I’m trying to get ready for Wimbleton. US Open.‘

‚And I don’t think that’s happening for him at the moment. But maybe one day, I would love to challenge him in there. I feel like I’ve got him on fitness,‘ Kyrgios said.

Tomic blasted Kyrgios‘ claims that he was poor and irrelevant

Tomic wasn’t impressed with the suggestion that he is broke, and returned serve with a claim of his own on Sunday. 

‚Why you throwing cheap shots Nicky Boy. Yes you helped me out in Shanghai when we were mates playing doubles together,‘ he wrote on his Instagram story.

‚I lost my wallet, and I paid you back. Big deal. The same thing happened to you in Atlanta. I payed (sic) your way when you lost your card, which, if I was petty like you, you’d still owe me, but I don’t go telling the papers this.

‚This is all childish. My offer still stand bro. Step up or shut up,‘ wrote Tomic. 

Tomic posted this story on his Instagram on Sunday night

But the highlight of the Instragram story was undoubtedly the clip of the infamous Oscars slap from earlier this year.

Tomic edited his face onto Will Smith’s body and walked up and slapped Nick Kyrgios, who had his head superimposed on Chris Rock.

Tomic wasn’t impressed with what Kyrgios had to say in a previous Daily Mail story

He followed that up with another infamous clip from that Oscar incident, ‚keep my name out your fg mouth‘ – paraphrasing what Smith yelled at Rock prior to the slap. 

Kyrgios has been spotted training on grass courts in Sydney as he prepares for this year’s Wimbleton later this month, while Tomic continues to ply his trade on the Challenger Tour – which is a rung below the ATP. 

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